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Postgraduate Studies Programme : Policy, Management and Evaluation in Education


Education Policy and Management

The Educational Policy and Administration Studies Specialization provides a variety of courses taught by experts in the field of educational policy and administration. Indeed, studies in the Political Science and Education Management concentration take a larger view of educational realities.

Students who select this specialization gain the resources required to efficiently and successfully support administrative positions in public and private institutions at all levels of education. After completing their studies, students will be able to perceive and adapt more easily to larger changes and transformations in the field of education, both nationally and globally. They will also be able to recognize and respond to the influences that shape the formulation of national education policy, as well as the organization and administration of educational institutions.

This type of information and expertise cannot be sufficiently taught within the scope of undergraduate courses. The "Policy, Management, and Evaluation in Education" Master's programme strives to fill any gaps and to develop qualified scientists.