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Postgraduate Studies Programme : Policy, Management and Evaluation in Education


Evaluation in Education

The specialization "Evaluation in Education" provides specialist expertise in one of the most current areas of Educational Science. Evaluation is a new phenomenon in the country's educational procedures, affecting all levels of education. Qualified scientists and researchers are more important than ever. These scientists and academics have been asked to train on "Policy, Management, and Evaluation in Education" postgraduate programme.

Students who major in Evaluation in Education take courses in this field. The professors, as well as the numerous scientists/guests, are the most knowledgeable about evaluation and may thus share their knowledge with postgraduate students. More specifically, they offer expertise in the main issues of educational evaluation in Greece, such as "student performance," "graded evaluation criteria," "educational work," "educational system," "entrance exams," "curriculum certifications," "university rankings," "educational quality," "educational accountability," and so on, which are viewed as epiphenomena of interconnected sociological, historical, epistemological, and political factors in relation to Evaluation.

The studies are specifically intended at postgraduate students' knowledge and training in order to organize, systematize, investigate, analyse, evaluate, and interpret the key educational, social, political, economic, historical, and ethical concerns associated to "Evaluation in Education".